Thursday, 12 December 2013

Vermont Volunteers


To the long list on Vermont's honor roll are to be added the names of three more volunteers-Messrs. Anderson, Hall and Wallace, who are leaving to join their comrades at the front. Prior to their departure, presentations were made as under:-- F. Anderson, whose younger brother was killed at Lonesome Pine, a silver mounted wallet and fountain pen; W. Hall, son of Ex-Cr. Hall, a wristlet watch and a fountain pen; Chas. Wallace, a wristlet watch, bearing a suitable inscription. To each of the above was handed a letter in the following terms:- "Dear Sir,--On the eve of your departure for the front we desire your acceptance of the accompanying gift as a slight token of our esteem and in appreciation of your action in volunteering to fight for your empire. Australians who have gone before you have won renown and imperishable fame by their brave deeds at Gallipoli. We have every confidence that you will do your utmost to uphold the honor of Australia by your conduct both on and off the battlefields. In conclusion, we sincerely wish you a safe journey, a speedy victory, and a happy return to your native land.-- For and on behalf of your friends at Vermont, J. A. Fitzmaurice, hon.sec. presentation committee, July, 1916)."

Reporter 4 August 1916

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  1. Hi Vicki

    My name is Steve Cooke and I work at Deakin University in Melbourne. I've been asked by the Box Hill RSL to write a book about those form the former Shire of Nunawading who died at Gallipoli (including Arthur Anderson) and as part of my research I came across your very interesting and helpful blog about the Andersons. The book will be published early next year in time for the Anzac centenary. Part of the project is interviewing descendants about family history and the memory of Gallipoli and I was wondering whether you or another member of the family would like to be interviewed as part of the project please? My email is and further details about the project can be found at

    If you would like to participate or would like further information, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards