Friday, 29 August 2014

War memorial of Tournon

Like many towns on the Rhone River in France, Tournon has a castle. On the wall of the castle, facing the river, is a war memorial created by the sculptor Antoine Sartorio (1885-1988) and inaugurated on 19 June 1922.
The memorial shows a figure of Victory bringing two laurel wreaths to those who died. Names of those who died during the Second World War were added later below the sculpture.
Measuring more than 11 metres in height, it is a most impressive monument.

Antoine Sartorio was a French soldier during the First World War. He had studied art at the Beaux-Arts de Paris and after the war was commissioned to work on a number of war memorials, including the memorial at Tournon.

Viewing the monument on 4 August 2014, the centenary of the day that war was officially declared in Europe, made the experience even more significant.

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