Saturday, 6 September 2014

Knitting for Victory

Knitting for Victory is a project from the UK encouraging the knitting of poppies throughout the world, similar to our 5000 Poppies project. In one of the posts they acknowledge the 5000 Poppies project as the inspiration for their project. The Knitting for Victory Facebook page includes photos of a variety of knitted poppies, patterns, kits being sold as a fundraiser and lots of pictures of people knitting poppies.
According to one of the posts:
The purpose of the FaceBook page 'Knitting for Victory' is to unite knitters from around the world who wish to knit poppies and be part of a team unified in knitting and fundraising for the British Legion's Poppy Appeal 2014.
West Yorkshire Spinners, Artysano and Rowan have all supplied yarn for us to make poppy knitting kits thus expanding the opportunity for new knitters to join us from around the globe!

As well as keeping the art of knitting alive we are also focused on fundraising particularly in this the centenary of the First World War.

Another worthwhile community project commemorating World War I. 

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