Friday, 15 April 2016

The Battle of Culloden

When we were exploring Scotland in August 2014 we spent part of one morning at the Culloden Visitor Centre near Inverness. A highlight was a presentation about the battle as well as a dramatic account as to what happenened to rebellion sympathisers. We also went outside to walk where the battle took place. Since our visit, according to the website, more interpretation has been added to the battle site.
The Battle of Culloden took place on 16 April 1746 between the Jacobites led by Charles Edward Stuart and the English army led by the Duke of Cumberland. The battle itself only lasted an hour and resulted in the defeat of the Jacobites. After the battle many of the Jacobites were hunted down and killed by the English troops. Meanwhile, Bonnie Prince Charlie escaped to the safety of France.

270 years later and the landscape where the battle took place is being laser scanned  to create a digital model of the battlefield in the hope of tracing remains from the battle. In Britain special events are being held such as a talk at the National Archives about manuscript collections relating to the battle.

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