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Anderson family provided a number of details about the Anderson family.

The website Spirits of Gallipoli provides a family tree for the family of Arthur Anderson.

Elizabeth Thornton Jones married Martin Anderson in 1886

Elizabeth died in 1925. She was born in Richmond in 1858. Her parents were Frederick Jones and   Mary Ann Thornton who married in 1856.

Martin Anderson was born in 1857. His parents were Andreas and Annette Anderson. He died in 1928 aged 77.

Frederick Martin born 1886 died 1965(married Jessie May Chitts 1920)
Rose Annette born 1888 died 1929 (married Arthur Ernest Clemson 1917) (married Philpott after 1923)
Robina Elizabeth born 1890 (married Alexander Tough 1904)
David Christopher born 1892 died 1955 (married Esther Nelson 1921)
Arthur Andreas born 1894 died 1915
Gruthrud May born 1897 died 1898
Bertha Lilian Anderson born 1899 (married Horace Lionel Callow 1920)
Luke born 1902 (married Florence Barbara Strachan 1930)
Roy Thornton born 1905

There are numerous records for members of the family in the electoral rolls. So far I have not located an entry for the father though there are entries for Elizabeth Thornton Anderson in 1914, 1919 and 1924 in Vermont (house duties). For the three entries a Martin Anderson is listed as being a gardener at East Burwood (also in 1903).

 Many of the entries for Anderson family members refer to the address as Terrara Road, Vermont with occupation, orchardist.

When Arthur enlisted in 1915 his occupation was listed as farrier. An article in The Argus Friday 17 September 1915 states, 'prior to enlisting was employed at Mr. D Harvey's implement makers, Box Hill'. Article on the Daniel Harvey Collection at the Melbourne Museum. The foundry in Whitehorse Road, Box Hill specialised in the manufacture of horticultural equipment including the Petty Disc Orchard Stripping Plough.

The Whitehorse Manningham  Heritage Database contains a number of references relating to Daniel Harvey Implement Works

David Anderson's occupation was listed as a driver. In the electoral rolls for 1914 and 1919 the occupation was engine driver. The electoral rolls for 1931 and 1954 listed his occupation as labourer and the address continued to be Terrara Road.

The occupation for Frederick Martin Anderson was given as orchardist on enlistment in 1916. The electoral rolls for 1909, 1914, 1919, 1924, 31 and 1937 have his occupation as labourer and the address as Terrara Road. In the 1924 and subsequent electoral rolls Jessie May Anderson is also listed. In 1942 electoral roll Frederick and Jessie are living in Ingleman Road, Neerum South where Frederick is an orchardist. By 1963 they have moved to Rosebud.

It is therefore highly likely that David and Frederick worked on orchards in some capacity. An article appeared in the Nunnawading Gazette 14 July 1982 regarding their brother, Roy Thornton Anderson, turning down an offer to purchase his land in Vermont. Roy's occupation in the electoral rolls was orchardist.

The electoral rolls show that Luke was at Terrara Road, Vermont in 1924 and was an orchardist. In 1931 he was living with Florence 21 John Street Carlton and from 1942 they were shown to be living at 13 Warburton Street, Brunswick. Luke was now a tramway employee. In 1980 Luke was living at 243 Elizabeth Street Coburg.

Roy appears to have spent all his life at Terrara Road, Vermont and his occupation was listed as orchardist.

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