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Gallant Light Horse

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GALLANT LIGHT HORSE. London Press Eulogy. Compared With Light Brigade.
The British newspapers make a feature of the account given by Captain C. E. W. Bean, official reporter with the Australian Expeditionary Forces, of the gallant charge made by the 8th and 10th Australian Light Horse Brigades at Anzac on August 7.

The "Standard" says that it is a tale of heroism and self-sacrifice which places the   Commonwealth troops high in the front rank of the world's soldiers. "We of the old country," the "Standard ' proceeds, "proudly recognise the stock bred under the Southern Cross as true sons of the men of Albuera and Badajoz. The Light Horse is worthy to be honoured with the Light Brigade."

[Captain Bean's account was published   in "The Argus" on September 28. In it he writes: -"There are no Victoria Crosses - there are no Birthday honours ; but for sheer self-sacrificing heroism there was never a deed in history that surpassed the charge which two Australian Light Horse   Brigades made in the first light of Saturday, August 7, in order to help their comrades in a critical moment of a great battle. The charge was made to assist the new British forces landed four miles to the north of Suvla Bay.]
The Argus Tuesday 5 October 1915 page 7

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