Sunday, 31 May 2015

World War I - selection of non-fiction books

Many non-fiction books have been published about the First World War. These titles can often be located on library shelves with Dewey numbers starting with 940.3 and 940.4. Books on military history can also be found with Dewey numbers starting with 355. Below is a sample of some of the books that may be available.

Adult non-fiction
  • Anzac memories: living with the legend by Alistair Thomson
  • The spirit of Gallipoli: living the Anzac legend by Patrick Lindsay
  • Gallipoli: the final battles and evacuation of Anzac by David W Cameron
  • Battle for Lone Pine: four days of hell at the heart of Gallipoli by David W Cameron
  • Remembering Fromelles: a new cemetery for a new century by Julie Summers
  • Maestro John Monash: Australia’s greatest citizen general by Tim Fischer
  • Monash: the outsider who won the war. A biography of Australia’s greatest military commander by Perry Roland
  • Bean’s Gallipoli: the diaries of Australia’s official war correspondent by Charles
  • Anzacs on the Western Front: the Australian War Memorial battlefield guide by Peter Pedersen
  • Walking with the Anzacs: the authoritative guide to the Australian battlefields on the Western Front by Mat McLachlan
  • Mapping the First World War by Peter Chasseaud
  • Letters from the front by Dorothy Gilding (correspondence of Jim McConnell)
  • Testament of Youth: an autobiographical study of the years 1900-1925 by Vera Britain
  • Anzac Girls: the extraordinary story of our World War I nurses by Peter Rees
  • Kitty's war by Janet Butler
  • Victoria at war 1914-1918 by Michael McKernan
  •  Broken Nation: Australians in the Great War by Joan Beaumont
  • Shattered Anzacs: living with the scars of war by Marina Larsson
  • Ghost at the wedding by Shirley Walker
  • A place to remember: a history of the Shrine of Remembrance by Bruce Scates  
  • Australian War Memorial: treasures from a century of collecting by Nola Anderson
  • Anzac Treasures: the Gallipoli collection of the Australian War Memorial by Peter Pedersen
  • Furphies and Whizz-bangs: Anzac slang from the Great War by Amanda Laugensen
  • And the band played on: how music lifted the Anzac spirit in the battlefields of the First World War by Robert Holden
  • Fighting on the home front: the legacy of women in World War One by Kate Adie
  • Virago book of women and the Great War and the Great War 1914-1918 by Joyce Marlow
  • Singled out: how two million women survived without men after the First World War by Virginia Nicholson
Junior non-fiction
A selection of some of the titles available:
  • Australia and the First World War, 1914-1918 by A K Macdougall
  • Children in Wartime by Michael Dugan
  • The First World War through Children’s Eyes by Anna Ciddor
  • World War I: the Australian Experience by Michael Andrews
  • Zero Hour: the Anzacs on the Western Front by Leon Davidson
  • Fromelles: Australia’s bloodiest day at War by Carole Wilkinson
The Australian War Memorial and Department of Veterans’ Affairs have published a series of books for upper primary and secondary school students on aspects of war. Some of the titles cover both World Wars. Titles include:
  • Ancestry: stories of multicultural Anzacs by Robyn Siers and Carlie Walker
  • Devotion: stories of Australia’s wartime nurses by Robyn Siers
  • Audacity: stories of heroic Australians in wartime by Carlie Walker


  1. Hi Vicki,

    Thanks for providing that list - quite a few that I haven't seen or read. I think I will try and track down a copy of "Singled out: how two million women survived without men after the First World War" by Virginia Nicholson. In a public library of course!

  2. Great list and great blog Vicki - thanks for your websites and blogs list too.